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CBSE Vs ICSE. What’s better? experts from Walkertown Academy will shed a light on arguably one of the most confusing topics for parents.

SSC, CBSE & ICSE are 3 different options that parents select for their child’s schooling. Most of the parents keep SSC as the last option and spend all their efforts deciding between CBSE & ICSE and the ratio is going higher than ever.

A recent survey said that parents want their children to be competitive. So, to level up the IQ and skill set of the children at their tender age, the Central Board, which is comparatively tougher than the state board, is preferred by the parents.

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CBSE VS ICSE: Modern parents are in a dilemma, which is the best curriculum for their child.

The biggest confusion that parents have is to select between CBSE and ICSE. Many parents fail to know the technical know-how of CBSE and ICSE and take their decision based on ‘hear-say’.

To break this confusion into the right piece of information, teachers and panel members from Walkertown Academy have jotted down a few points, and here’s the breakdown.

CBSE Is a Board, ICSE is a Council:

Not many people know that CBSE is a Board just like SSC which is centrally monitored and directly confines it with the education department of India. ICSE is a council cum organization that works in affiliation with schools where the exam (designed by ICSE) has to be cleared by students (No one can write it privately).

CBSE is govt recognized, ICSE is privately held:

It might be shocking for many that ICSE is not government-affiliated but held privately. It is a well-structured association that provides a standard in education just like how CBSE does the same but under government alliance.

CBSE is tougher, ICSE is toughest:

In terms of degrees of comparison, the education boards & councils come respectively like tough, tougher, and toughest, it goes like SSC, CBSE & ICSE. Complete in-depth knowledge of each and every subject of academics and arts is what ICSE provides and it does it fabulously. Though CBSE is a bit moderate for all, parents select CBSE over ICSE. You might have heard the proverb ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’.

The CBSE board maintains a balance between academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Walkertown is a school with a CBSE syllabus in Secunderabad (Padmarao Nagar). Of course, we’d recommend CBSE with a logical purview that we consider physical activities, extracurricular activities, other IQ-building games for the kids to become a balanced smart person (not just a nerd with books).

Still doubts about CBSE VS ICSE, we’re just a click away. Get in touch to speak with experts for free. 

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