Promoting Independent Thinking in Kids

Promoting Independent Thinking in Kids - CBSE School in Secunderabad - Walkertown Academy

As parents, everyone wishes to back their children in their regular chores right from waking them up to feeding and making them fall asleep. In this course, parents employ some traditional methods like setting an alarm to help them get up early and be on time, hiring a maid or aiding them while eating, and most importantly engaging the kid in the electronic world before bed time. All these in general help parent to cope with the kid’s schedule but at the cost of suppressed thinking.

Instead of this, why can’t we try saying “It’s your turn today to plan your day”.  Yes, this marks the beginning of teaching your child to think for themselves independently. We understand children seek to have a parent to oversee them, but at times, it is required to allow them to plan their day. This highlights the importance of their role in their life. 

Teaching your child to think independently

So, thinking about how this works? Let us simplify it, think if you are planning to teach your child how to ride a bike. He obviously would ask you to stay back holding the bicycle. Do you ever think about what he would do if you don’t accompany him? This time try leaving him and let him make his choice. With this, the child starts thinking of overcoming the imbalances he faces while riding the bicycle. 

Your child is an innovative thinker than anyone!

Yes, every child has their own mannerism to walk, talk, read, and do things. But the only thing that is blocking us to notice them is “He/She is Just a Kid”. Yes, you are correct in your way. Your child is a kid to you but he is the hero of his life. Let them start thinking independently at least in their daily routines first. Watch and guide, do not stop!

●      What is independent critical thinking?

Critical thinking is not much deeper to practice. It is just a way we look into things and make clear and reasoned decisions out of it. Adding independence to critical thinking is making a decision of our own choice without the assistance of any family or friend.

Remember; Don’t do for your kids what they can do by and for them!

Being a kid, your child will not have any big deals in life except attending school, completing the homework, and then playing. So, why do you worry about the decisions they make? However, what they have to study and in which school they have to pursue academics is all decided by you!

Allow your kid to start their day by themselves. Start incorporating positive parenting as your philosophy to make your kid think independently.

●      Why does independent thinking matter

Independent thinking allows an individual to question the situation, analyze the cause of the problem, predict the consequences then devise a proper solution. This in turn improves the Inner potential of the individual making them “ready for life.” Independent thinking makes the child an instinctual problem-solver and a great observer.

●      How do you teach independent thoughts?

Independent thinking is not an academic subject that requires degrees to teach. It is just a state of acceptance of what your kid does and guides them to choose the right among all.

Firstly, understand how your kid thinks. It is important to know how they look into certain situations and respond to them. Respect their unique individuality encouraging them to be independent as they already are. Be flexible with the things they do! Never command them of their mistakes, speak to them and know why they intended to do so. This assures them that they are on the right track of thinking but slightly tilted in implementing it.

How to promote independent learning in the classroom

Allow the kid to work independently. Give them a craft and see how he explores it.

Teach them how to organize things and common chores like making homework and playtime schedule, arranging their bookshelf, segregating their bag for the next day, etc.

Promoting Independent Thinking in Kids - Best CBSE School in Secunderabad - Walkertown Academy
Ways to Promote Independent Learning in Kids


At Walkertown Academy, we believe in creative and interactive learning sessions rather than the confined textbook learning. We believe bringing up the kids as independent thinkers builds out stronger Individuals who are needed for a stronger society. We cherish each child in Blossoming with an independent attitude.

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