Summer Camp

Summer's here, & so is our Summer Camp!

We make it a point to keep kids involved in a variety of age-appropriate activities that allow them to improve their skills while working with peer and acquire new skills. Kids not only meet new friends, but they also learn to work together and respect others’ opinions throughout the program.

Exciting Recreational Activities

For age 3.5 to 16 years


  • Start Date –  April 18th, 2022

  • Timings – 9:00 am -12:00 pm

  • Fee – Rs.5,400/- for 1 month

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Why is it important for the kid ?

This summer camp provides the ideal setting to extend the learning that takes place during the school year by giving children the opportunity to be innovative and discover new interests.

  • The perfect opportunity for your kid to learn new things. 
  • Acquiring skills at a very young age allows them to become confident and helps them enhance their capabilities. 
  • Our skilled and enthusiastic instructors create a safe, supportive, and fun environment for kids to develop their personalities.
  • The camp is designed to give children a sense of community where they can make new friends and learn new things. 


An incredible summer camp for children aged 4-8 years, and a separate camp for children aged 8-16 years. Children of these age groups have incredible grasping power and relentless curiosity. The camp is structured in a way that enhances those skills and sows a seed of friendship, empathy, unlearning and relearning, etc.


This kid’s summer camp tries to instill a sense of freedom and community awareness into children. The idea is to develop their personality to be more self-reliant, adventurous, and positive. After being cooped up in the house during the pandemic, camp activities like Karate, Dance, etc will rekindle their joyous spirit.


We believe that a child learns best through experience, and not just via theoretical knowledge. A child will only understand their true passion and potential by experiencing both failure and success. Our summer camp challenges them to get out of their comfort zone and experience something that they have never tried before.


We take safety and precautionary procedures very seriously. Our camp employs experts who have organized similar and much more intense summer camps than this one. We also encourage the kids to be sensitive towards each other and also the environment. The camp is safe and secure with all the safety equipment in place.