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On any given day, my vote would go for project-based learning. It is 100 percent more effective than any other teaching method because it pushes the student to think out of the box.

Education nowadays is changing vigorously and with these changing times, it is even more necessary to teach students the concept of the subject. By no means, the blog is to degrade theory-based learning but to understand that the weightage given should vary. 

Not every child can learn the subjects just by understanding theory whereas project learning would involve the student’s engagement in the work and interaction. During the project, there are chances for them to improve their communication skills, and confidence and also work on their leadership skills.

Project-Based Learning –

We see Project-based learning as the approach that is being used by every institution nowadays because of the benefits which students gain during these projects, but it largely depends on teachers, who are going to monitor, explain and nurture the students about it. Every one of us knows that teachers now are more understanding, and friendly towards the students. That’s great any day but with it, the chances of students taking them for granted and not taking up studies/ work seriously are high. 

During these types of projects, one needs to get out of the room and face the outside world for the completion of the project which brings exposure to an individual. Projects are mostly divided into two types – projects given only to an individual or can be given to a group of individuals.

Individual Vs Team Player – 

According to me, the second one is more beneficial, when we see it from the corporate perspective. In this very situation, they have to work as a team and it becomes very important for any school to teach them well how they can deal and cope with the situation. No one can learn all these by just reading it. Some things need to have practicality attached to it. Knowing and understanding how to work in a team, lead a team, divide the work and get the things done is the exposure to the outside world and it is one of the very important things to be taught to kids nowadays. 

To get on to the next type, assigning projects individually is also equally challenging since it leaves the students with no other choice but to do all the things by themselves and would play a major role in nurturing their skills in every aspect right from decision-making until the execution. 

Students get to know life in the institutions as well as the real world. We as humans love competition/ challenges. When projects are given to the students it motivates them and encourages them to study the concept on their own and execute it with their thoughts or in given situations which is a great way by which a student can learn a particular topic at any point in time. Project learning not only eases the subject for the students by involving them to study but also gives them a new start in studying.

Every child shall learn how things are begun and ended. Like how an entrepreneur needs to know a gist on various things to make things easy to work, this learning would act as a preview to them. 

To be very precise, project learning also builds a competitive space among the students in the class to be the number one in the class which pushes the students for better learning, execution, and presentation as in the project they are given the deadline which also urges them to complete the task on time which helps them to learn the punctuality, the importance of the deadline and commitment which will be useful for them in the future. 

Project-based learning is just not any alternate method of learning but it also doesn’t limit the students to the institution’s syllabus and provides the students with a bit of extra knowledge during this activity. Therefore, it also received acceptance very soon. 

Though we agree to the point that project-based learning cannot be applied to teaching all the concepts, using it as often as possible will be in favor of students.

Theory Learning –

Theory learning eventually causes students to lose/ lack interest in their studies. Learning things by reading cannot be useful for all subjects.
We agree that theories are essential because they guide and explain the things we observe. For conducting an investigation and gathering data through observation, a researcher must have a clear understanding of the data that is crucial to gather. Thus, valid theories are validated by research and are a sound basis for practical action. We corroborate the fact that not everything can be explained practically.

For example, When we talk about history as a subject it is very boring for most children. Memorizing it becomes difficult as it has so much to offer. 

How students receive, process, perceive, and retain the concepts, might differ. We aren’t talking about the students who can learn through any method or approach of teaching. Be it theory or project it wouldn’t make much of a difference to them, but students who aren’t in the same boat as the other kids would need extra attention and care. It is for them that project-based learning would be highly beneficial.

Especially during exams when a child has to learn and understand a concept easily, it might be a task via notes, whereas when it is enacted as a drama or made a presentation about or any of such activity is used increases the chances to retain information becomes stronger since the interaction and involvement have increased. 

Study Tips on How to Study Theory Subjects

  • Emphasis on Keywords 

Learning keywords in theory subjects is important to score, but first, focus on understanding concepts. Then, focussing on the main words would be better.

  • Read out loud

Read aloud whatever it is you are studying. Theoretically, this approach works because it makes use of a variety of bodily sensations. For eg, only our visual senses are alert while we read in our minds. However, when we read it aloud, our senses of vision and hearing are attentive, and we are also speaking simultaneously.

  • Write to Learn

One of the oldest and most successful tactics in the book. following the text. You can record your learning by answering questions or taking notes.

  • Self-Made Notes

Making notes for every chapter by yourself is the best method to save time and understand the concepts. Take notes during the lesson, and jot down all the things that are still on your mind but that you were unable to understand earlier. It helps in quick revision and will help your mind to retain information for longer.

  • Use visualization

Relate things to visuals, whether they be actual or animated. You can make up stories about things or tie them to actual case studies, just like in law.

Role of the Teachers – 

Teachers can organize and create subject-specific activities and strategies to learn the subject. Prioritizing a well-rounded education is essential for teachers to master a variety of teaching and classroom management strategies to benefit the kids. Learning theories in the classrooms, and also learning how, when, and where it will be useful can also add points in helping the kids.

Teachers that are knowledgeable in learning theories are better able to relate to a wide range of students and register things in their brains. Concentrate on different learning styles, resulting in instruction that is specifically tailored to each student’s requirements and abilities.

We would like to mention that Theory based learning and Project-based learning, both have a set of things that can help the student in some way or the other.

For example. 

Theory Based Learning can teach the students – 

  1. Communication skills,
  2. Improves focus, and
  3. Expands imagination skills.

And, Project Based Learning can teach the students – 

  1. Leadership skills,
  2. Boost self-confidence, and
  3. Teamwork.


Through this blog, we wanted to explain that theory-based learning can be a help for a few students but project-based learning can be a help for many students. Project-based learning will not bide them to sit in the class the whole day to learn but it will encourage them to learn things on their own and boost their competitive spirit as well. There are many schools in Hyderabad that have already introduced it and are teaching the students the necessary skills for life.

Now, it is time for the others to also join the ride and see the difference in students themselves.

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