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How does it feel when you’re too big for something and too young for something else? That is what being a teenager feels like.

Forming the passage between childhood and adulthood, being a teenager is a whole task altogether.

And parenting these kids, the amount of work that goes into being a parent to a teenage child is tremendous.

Well, you can’t certainly pinpoint teenagers here.

Because whatever they do during these years is all a combined chemical reaction of puberty, raging hormones and their high-school surroundings.

There is a certain way in which a teenager should be raised. You certainly cannot treat them like little children anymore. You also cannot treat them like grown-ups too.

We would like to help out all parents having teenage kids through this informative blog. Keep reading.

What to Know About Raising a Teen?

Parents of Teenagers- We’re here to rescue you. If your kid has progressed from being an innocent little kid to a rebel teenager, here’s what you should know.

You Have to Change Your Parenting Style Now

Once your little kid slowly starts transitioning into his/her teenage years, your parenting techniques have to change.

You have to start giving them certain leniencies but should also keep a close watch on them.

Keep Your Communication Channel Open

You have to let your child know that they can come to you for literally anything. Because these teenage hormones can cause teenagers to think about a lot of things and also do a lot of things.

Parents, here’s our advice- talk to your kid openly. Even about the things that kids feel forbidden to talk about.

This will enable them to know that their parents will always have their back at any point of time.

Have Your Meals Together

‘A family that eats together stays together’.

This saying is not just for posters, it has an actual meaning. As a parent, you have to show the importance of a family and spending time as a family.

Sure, everyone is busy. But make it a point to allocate some time for your family.

Put a Proper Schedule for Using the Internet and Electronic Gadgets

We know how much you love your children and we also know that you make sure to buy them expensive gadgets like iPads, PlayStations, Smartphones and Laptops.

Pampering one’s child is something every parent does, which is very natural. But make sure that your teenage child is not neglecting their studies.

If they are constantly hooked to these gadgets, tell them very clearly that they will only be able to use them for a certain amount of time for the day.

What Is The Best Way To Handle a Teen?

There is no perfect way to handle a teenage kid. Every parent has a different way of handling their teenager.

Let us try to understand some efficient ways to handle a teenager if you’re having trouble handling yours.

Provide Them with Enough Freedom to Teach Responsibility

Since your kids are growing up, it’s time to show them about taking up responsibility. But go step-by-step. Or even better, baby steps.

Start with simple things like handing them the house keys, doing basic household chores, getting a few groceries among others.

Establish Boundaries and Enforce Consequences

If a teenager is provided with freedom, they should also be taught that freedom has its own boundaries.

Once they start to cross those boundaries, there is no point in giving them that freedom.

Teach them that there will be consequences they have to face if they don’t stick to the boundaries.

Learn How to Handle Conflicts Smoothly

You shouldn’t be surprised if your teenage kids are being unnecessarily rude to you.

As we all know it is because of those enraging hormones that affect their mental state. If you lash out as well, you won’t be the grown-up here. You will be considered an equivalent to your teenage child.

Be the bigger person, always. No matter how unfair it is. This is one of the most important qualities parents should possess.

Try to Take Interest in Your Teenage Child’s Interests  

This is one of the most underrated things that will surely provide a medium for parents to bond with their teenage kids.

If they like cricket, sit with them and watch cricket matches with them. If they like reading books, talk to them about their favourite books. Or, if they like painting, sit down with your kid and paint together. It’s that simple.

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Different Parenting Styles and Their Outcomes

Psychology has decoded 4 different styles of parenting and how the outcomes of these different parenting styles are.

1. Authoritarian

In this parenting technique, parents have minimum or no regard for their child’s feelings. They expect their children to be perfect at all times.

Instead of having healthy communication with their children, they use confrontation as a means of disciplining their children.

2. Authoritative

Although they are strict with their children, Authoritative Parents make sure to be as understanding as possible.

They teach their children the value of independence and also keep a close eye on what they do on a daily basis, but not to an extent where it is too much.

3. Permissive

Permissive Parents always pamper their children up to a point where they are spoilt. They are excessively lenient with their children. Children of Permissive Parents basically get away with everything.

As a result, they turn out to become more stubborn and impulsive with their behaviour.

4. Uninvolved

The word speaks for itself here. Parents are not at all bothered to look after their children and are very negligent.

Children having uninvolved parents turn to face a lot of mental health issues in the future.

Which parenting style is more preferred? We think it is very clear here, so we’ll leave you to think about it.

Parenting Tips to Follow

No parent is perfect. As parents, it is not easy to raise a child, be it a young one or a teenager. But you have to understand that their intentions are always in favour of their children.

Nevertheless, if you sometimes don’t know what to do in a particular situation, here are some tips you make note of.

  • Remember that no matter how rude and arrogant your kid is, they are still your children. Always be the bigger person. Always be the adult.
  • Be a good role model to your children, someone from whom they can be inspired.
  • Teach them the importance of being a good person.
  • Children keep changing their behaviour from time to time. So as a parent, you have to change your parenting style accordingly.
  • Learn to appreciate your children the same way you highlight their mistakes.
  • Do not compare your children with others. Each child works at their own pace.
  • Basic etiquettes go a long way to shape your children, so make it a point to teach them etiquettes.

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In Conclusion

Parenting is a whole concept altogether. There is indeed so much one can talk about parenting and we are doing our part in raising awareness about parenting a teenage kid.

We also believe that every parent out there is putting their best foot forward to raise their child. Hence, to all the parents out there, we would like to say that you are doing an amazing job!

Stay tuned as we come up with more such blogs that are fun and informative on our Walkertown Academy Blog.

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    my point Here, is there are some things you should be aware of if your child has transformed from an innocent young child into a rebellious teenager. Your parenting strategies must shift once your young child begins to slouch toward adolescence. You must begin extending them some grace periods, but you must also keep a watchful eye on them.

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