7 Different Ways Students Can Contribute To Society

7 Different Ways Students Can Contribute To Society

In this blog, we will be discussing the different ways in which students can contribute to society.

It is very beautifully said by A.J. Juliana, “Our job is not to prepare students for something. Our job is to help students prepare themselves for anything.” Teachers and parents are a huge influence and driving force for determining a child’s ability to contribute to society from an early age on.

Different Ways Students Can Contribute To Society

A few ways that students can contribute to helping society are:

1.   Be Aware

The very basic and necessary thing for any person to know to make a difference is be aware of the issues. In this case, the students need to be aware of all the various problems and issues that are present in society and the severity of it. It need not only be all the serious things but even every minute thing matters, starting from nature to a national riot.

2.   Start With Small Efforts

Making a difference doesn’t necessarily mean doing something extravagant, even the smallest things can help contribute to society. Examples of making small efforts in daily lives are, planting a tree, donating blood, feeding the hungry or donating some blankets during the winter. All these will make students care about things more than themselves.

3.   Take Part In Activities Arranged For Helping Others

The society arranges various drives, marathons, rallies, and a number of different things to show their support to issues and communities. Students should be encouraged from an early age to take part in all these which will just increase their concern for societal matters. Activities like these can be arranged by the school as well.

4.   Spread Awareness

Being outspoken about your thoughts and opinions regarding things that bother you in society is important as that is what gives you a chance to change someone’s opinion about the same. Especially talking about issues that are considered as taboos in general mindset as these are the ones that don’t get enough traction.

5.   Help People Around You Out

Showing gratitude and helping people out is the first thing that is taught to every student. This is one of the most essential lessons they need to learn at an early stage. ‘Sharing is Caring’, this is the most common phrase that we have heard and it is time to start applying it. The compassion shown at early stages in life goes a long way and helps develop a child’s personality.

6.   Encourage Education

Being educated is a sign of empowerment as it opens up greater avenues for any person. Contributing to make the literacy rate go higher can help build a more educated, empowered and aware society. This may also help to break the endless loop of the poor getting poorer. Education can help anyone know what is right and wrong and give them a chance to restructure their life.

7.   Volunteer

Showing initiative and effort towards things that are important and volunteering for the same is necessary. Making students volunteer at orphanages, old age homes, food help corporations like Akshaya Patra, and other institutes which work towards the benefit of our society.

Whenever a choice is made, the future is either made or broken. This is an important choice for every student to make, whether they want to help and contribute to society or be oblivious about all the problems going around them.

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