Why do we need Physical Education in Primary Schools?

Physical Education for students - Walkertown Academy - Primary school in padmarao nagar

Your child’s life can become boring and stagnant if their focus is maintained only in academics which can in turn lead to depression and failure. In order to lead a physically active lifestyle, it is essential to provide an opportunity to the children to develop the right kind of knowledge and skills.

If the child’s physique is taken care of from his primary education only then it would be quite beneficial because the physical, social and emotional benefits of physical activity during childhood are well established.

The inclusion of regular physical activities in the lifestyle of a student helps them in keeping fit. One of the major reasons for such education and inclusion of activities is the elimination of the risk of cardiovascular issues which can occur because of being inactive throughout the day.

Thus, physical fitness is a key component to healthy lifestyle.

Importance of Physical Education

Physical education is necessary but the reasons that make it so are –

  • Reduces Stress level – Students are generally expected to perform good in academics which puts in a lot of pressure on them and which also tends to eliminate the time for playing or indulging themselves in any sort of physical activities. In such a case, proper physical education will help them in involving in various physical activities and which will thus reduce their stress and anxiety. It will also help in facilitating stability and emotional resilience.
  • Stay Active – It will provide them an opportunity to stay active every day.
  • Indulging in sports – It will provide them an early exposure to indulge in sports and other physical fitness activities.
  • Enhancement in blood pumping – It will help in promoting fitness and healthy lifestyle which will improve blood pumping and will also increase oxygen level, thus enhancing the concentration level.
  • Interpersonal skills – It will help them in improving their interpersonal skills and will also increase their level of motivation.
  • Healthy growth and development – It will help in the prevention of high blood pressure and obesity. It will also help in developing bones.

We, at Walkertown Academy, focus on developing personal, social and emotional aspects and help them in becoming an all-rounded individual. We believe in nurturing their physical and artistic abilities by encouraging them to participate in co-curricular and physical activities and by making sure that they are provided with all the required amenities.

We are shaping our future students into healthy active people!

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  1. saania

    i think PE improves motor skills and increases muscle strength and bone density, which in turn makes students more likely to engage in healthy activity outside of school.

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